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Hello Roswitha! 
It's wonderful to have come across this information about you! I was a Tea Cozy devotee about 15 years ago when I was in University and eating Ichiban noodles all week so I could splurge at The Tea Cozy with a  wonderful meal and pots and pots of tea with a friend. I've search  periodically over the years for references to you or the Tea Cozy and am very pleased to have found this site. I'm so glad that things seem well  for you... you look so happy in your photos, but then again, I don't  remember a visit to the Cozy when you didn't have a smile on your face!
 I miss that place terribly!

 Dear Roswitha:
I have finished your book and it is franks and honest and inspiring. The same determined little girl looking out from the cover was never vanquished by hard things in life. The eyes are the same and your spirit remains the same to this day.
Be glad you are still working and may always do so! Having to work at things you love to make a living gives purpose to your life. To me, the word "retired" has a sad sound to it -- too much like "finished." Keep on working at the things you love and stay forever young. You're a great lady!
Miss Lonelyhearts



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