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Her first Autobiographical story filled with joyful and painful experiences alike.

Roswitha's journey begins in Koeln-


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Lindenthal, Germany, where she was born in the midst of the turmoil in the Second World War.

She spent many of her early years in a refugee camp after the end of the War.

She struggled through a broken family life, and at a very young age had to become independent in order to look after herself. Roswitha married at the age of twenty and immigrated to Canada with her young family at twenty-eight.

She did not speak English.

For seven years, she and her family criss-crossed Canada, living in places such as Vancouver and Fort Nelson,BC, Montréal and Winnipeg searching for a better life.

After her divorce in 1982, she settled down in Winnipeg with her three children. Her business, The Tea Cozy Restaurant, which she bought in 1982, became her passion and her life for twenty years.

Her accomplishments in the hospitality industry were outstanding. She received nine consecutive Food Merit Awards, the Star of the City Award and, her proudest accomplishment, the Women Business Owner Award 2000 Women Entrepreneur of the Year, Lifetime Achivement Award.

As Roswitha reflects on her past, using simple words to write this book, she narrates the pain she suffered, more important, focuses with pride at what she achieved in her Life's journey.

As you read her story of an immigrant woman from Germany, perhaps you will be encouraged and inspired by her struggle and her successes as a self-made woman.

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   The inspiring story of her life also contains a small collection of recipes.
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