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Dear Roswitha,
I was greatly moved by your book. I was very sad to read about the losses in your life, but also impressed by your strength. Your courage to continually achieve and try new things is inspiring. I've also experienced major childhood losses, and I feel very sad on some days, making it hard to be optimistic about life. I admire your optimism and your enjoyment of life, and I see you as a role model. Thank you for sharing your life experiences.


'Memories of a Life's Journey' is a gem, and a wonderful gift to your children and grandchildren, and to all who read it.
I admire your courageous and determined resolve to write your life story; it is beautifully written, straight from the heart, without excuses and with great sensitivity.
Brava!   Janine




Dear Roswitha,
I curled up to read your book yesterday and could not put it down until I had finished. Although you had shared some parts of the story in the group, when I read it from beginning to the end, I found myself so drawn into the events of your life.
Your style of writing is so direct and honest in manner while offering understanding to your Mutti and stepfather for the hardship their lives brought to you was so strong and compassionate.
When I finished reading the story, I felt suddenly free to continue with the decision to write my own story in the fullness of that experience. Your willingness to share your hurts and victories has given me inspiration and hope. I thank you so much for this gift from your life to mine.
Thank you again, Roswitha.
Sincerely, Carole


Ich bin begeistert. Ein sehr einfühlsames Buch und ab und zu kam es mir vor, daß ich mit darin lebe. Bilder aus der Vergangenheit sind an mir vorbei gezogen. Ich hörte Deine Stimme, die von Johann und den Kindern.Du hast es sehr gut formuliert und warst sehr offen, ehrlich und schonungslos.

Brigitte, Germany

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